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Baggage Insurance

Trip Protection - Baggage Insurance
Ideal for: Canadian residents travelling outside their home province and visitors to Canada

You arrive safe and sound, but what if your baggage doesn’t?
You take the time to pack your personal belongings, so of course you expect your bags to arrive when you do. Unfortunately, sometimes your baggage arrives damaged, or even worse, not at all. What do you do?
Choose Travel Underwriters and Rest Insured.

Real-life example
While sightseeing in San Francisco, a family of four stored various personal belongings in the trunk of a relative’s car. When they returned to the car later that day, the rear passenger window had been broken and their items had been stolen. Police were contacted immediately and a report was made. The owner of the vehicle did not hold content or homeowners insurance.
Without Baggage Insurance, the family’s out–of–pocket costs would have totalled: $456.00

Baggage Insurance:

  • Pays for the loss, damage, destruction or theft of your personal effects while in transit, or while in any hotel or any other building, en route anywhere in the world, on water, land or in the air
  • Maximum coverage: $1,500 (CAD) per person or $3,000 (CAD) per family

Options include:

  • Single trip coverage

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