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Package for Canadians

All-Inclusive - Package for Canadians
Ideal for: Canadian residents travelling outside their home province

Why would I want the All-Inclusive Package?
As a Canadian, this comprehensive coverage is the most affordable way to get all the protection you need.
Choose Travel Underwriters and Rest Insured.

Real-life example
A 54–year–old woman travelled from Toronto to Australia and had several prepaid tours arranged at various areas. Due to an airline scheduling issue, the flight into Sydney was delayed and the insured missed her connecting flight to Adelaide. The next available flight was the following morning. The airline paid for her overnight stay, but the woman had to book an additional flight to Adelaide. When the woman reached Adelaide, she hired a taxi to catch up to her group at the next stop on the tour program.
Several days into the tour, she was riding a camel near Ayers Rock when she slipped off and injured her back. Due to the location and lack of medical aide, she suffered through an additional day of travel and sought medical treatment in Alice Springs. Because of the nature of her injury, she decided to cancel her upcoming tours and return to Canada early. She booked a flight from Alice Springs to Sydney and then purchased a flight to return to Toronto. Luckily, the medical costs, taxi costs, prepaid travel expenses and return airfare were covered by her All-Inclusive Travel Insurance plan.
Without All-Inclusive Travel Insurance, her out–of–pocket costs would have totalled: $9,796.45

All-Inclusive Package for Canadians:
This insurance provides extensive trip coverage, combining:


  • Single trip coverage

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