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All Inclusive

All Inclusive - Get the most extensive coverage, protection and peace of mind

If you want protection from the unexpected while travelling, the All Inclusive Package available through Travel Guard provides the most extensive travel insurance coverage for individual travellers.

What is all inclusive travel insurance?

This insurance offers peace of mind and protection during the time leading up to your travel departure and for the time during your trip. When travelling you plan for the best, but when preparing for the unexpected, be sure to purchase all inclusive travel insurance available through Travel Guard.

What’s included?

All inclusive travel insurance provided by Travel Guard includes the following coverage’s, benefits and services: for complete listing of coverage’s and benefits please view the policy wording:

  • Trip Cancellation: provides coverage starting the day you purchase your policy up to the day you leave on your trip. Should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected or unforeseen covered risks such as a Canadian government issued travel advisory towards your destination(s), the death of an immediate family member, or unexpected job loss, the trip cancellation portion of this insurance can help cover non-refundable pre-paid travel expenses.
  • Trip Interruption: provides coverage while you are on your trip if you experience unexpected travel interruptions due to a covered risk such as the delay of your private automobile due to mechanical failure while on your way to the airport, or your scheduled carrier is delayed by weather conditions, or your travelling companion develops an emergency medical condition.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: while travelling, this can provide coverage for emergency medical expenses such as if you are injured, suddenly ill, hospitalized or need emergency dental treatment. It is essential to remember that out-of-country medical expenses can be extremely costly, which makes this portion of the all inclusive travel insurance package available through Travel Guard, very important.
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: this can provide coverage if you are injured or experience a medical emergency while travelling and require immediate evacuation. This can also provide coverage for your travel companion to accompany you if medically necessary.
  • Lost, Damaged & Stolen Luggage: this provides coverage for your luggage if it is lost, damaged, or stolen while on your trip. This also provides coverage for important travel documents if you happen to lose them, such as a passport, birth certificate, travel visa, or driver’s license. Travel Guard will also help to coordinate the process of getting these documents back in your hands.
  • Change of Mind™: this benefit can reimburse your travel cancellation penalties up to $250 for your cancellation of a scheduled trip prior to your departure date, provided your trip has been paid in full.
  • Livetravel™: this is a 24/7 emergency travel assistance hotline to help you re-book flights, make last minute hotel reservations or receive assistance with virtually any travel-related problem. Even more, this service is included with all of the travel insurance products available from Travel Guard, so whenever you travel with Travel Guard, you can travel with peace of mind.
  • Concierge Service: this service, which is included with all of the products available through Travel Guard, is like your very own personal assistant. If you need help trying to find hard-to-get concert tickets or sporting event tickets while travelling, you decide to treat yourself and want reservations to a 5-star restaurant, or simply want to send your mother flowers for mother’s day while you are travelling, Concierge Service is available 24/7 to help you do all of these and more!
  • BagTrak: this service, included with all of the products available through Travel Guard, provides timely, accurate, and efficient follow-up for tracking down lost luggage – an unfortunate but very common reality of travel. BagTrak helps counter the lost luggage logistical nightmare through a dedicated team that diligently tracks and traces lost luggage items for Travel Guard insured’s worldwide.


Can I get an Annual Package?

Travel Guard offers an All Inclusive Annual Package.

If you plan on travelling at least three (3) times in the coming 12 month period and want the convenience of leaving at a moment’s notice – without having to coordinate last minute travel insurance coverage – the All Inclusive Annual Package available through Travel Guard is for you. You can purchase this package once and have the comfort of knowing that you are covered every time you travel throughout the year. You have the option of purchasing a 9-day, 16-day, or 30-day package.

Travel Guard provides many travel insurance products and services, but the all inclusive travel insurance product offers the most extensive coverage, benefits, and services for travellers who are looking for value and complete protection from the unexpected.

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