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Simplified Issue Products

Simplified issue products allow you to apply for coverage on an expedited basis, with underwriting typically limited to a few yes/no questions

The ability to purchase Insurance in this manner allows a wide selection of products, from many different suppliers. Although the amounts of coverage available are not as high as those with standard underwriting, many offer sufficient limits for the average person. In some cases, you can have the policy issued before you leave the site.

If you are unable to qualify for these products, you may be interested in our Guaranteed Issue products. If you require more insurance than what is offered here, even if you have health challenges, please contact us to discuss your specific situation. We can then use our 20+ years of experience to assist you with finding you the best coverage available.

Some of our suppliers:

Assumption Life; Offers Guaranteed Issue for the following products:
Life Insurance:

Canada Protection Plan; Offers Simplified Issue for the following products:
Life Insurance:

Critical Illness:


Disability Insurance

Desjardins Financial Security; Helps more than 5 million Canadians prepare for life�s contingencies and plan a financially secure retirement by offering them tailor-made combinations of life and health insurance coverages. They offer offer guaranteed issue life insurance, and simplified issue life insurance and critical illness products, as well as Disability Insurance, either Accident-only or also including sickness.

Life Insurance:

Critical Illness:

Disability Insurance

Edge Benefits; Their simplified approach to offering complex living benefit solutions to the Canadian consumer has been revolutionary in the insurance industry. They provide the self-employed and small business owner with insurance solutions specifically designed to meet their needs. Products include Disability Insurance for almost any occupation, including those specifically designed for Truckers, and include Business Overhead Expense Coverage. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance and Critical Illness, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Fracture Accident, and Health & Dental Benefits.


IA Pacific; More than$3 billion in assets under management, part of Canada’s 4th largest life insurance organization with total asses under management for the Industrial Alliance Group in escess of $66 billion. IAP offers simplified issue Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.

Manulife Financial; One of Canada’s largest Insurers, offering coverage for Health & Dental Insurance including their Flexcare, Followme, and Association product lines, Critical Illness using Lifecheque Basic, Personal Accident Insurance, and Travel Insurance. They also offer Hybrid Life/Critical Illness/Disability coverage through their Synergy product.


Considering Life Insurance? (Canadian residents only) Besides offering the widest selection of travel insurance in Canada at the best possible rates, is also affiliated with DesLaurier Financial Services (our parent company) which extends the same philosophy to Life Insurance and other Insurance products including Critical Illness and Disability Insurance). Please take a look at some of the excellent rates we offer here:

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