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Wealth Management

Making money is not always the problem... sometimes keeping it is! We have strategies that can assist with both tax-efficient accumulation and distribution strategies, including creditor-proofing, guaranteed lifetime incomes and more.

Tax Efficient Accumulation

Through proper planning, we have products available that will allow us to tax-efficiently accumulate funds, protected them from creditors, and later use them to provide for low to no-tax retirement funding.

Employees - RRSP’s are the most common tax-planning tools available to those of you who earn T4’d employment income. They are not the only way that we can assist however! If you own significant non-registered assets we can assist with ensuring that you pay as little tax now and later, as well as ensuring that your wishes for that money are considered. In particular, consider the latest tax-sheltered accounts offered - the TFSA.

Incorporated Professionals & Business Owners - Those of you who are in this classification have much more ability to accumulate then many others. We can show you how your business can pay some or all of the premiums on products that will offer you increased personal benefit at claim time if you need them, and upon surrender or retirement should you choose to access them at that time.

If you have just received a windfall from an inheritance, law suit, or lottery win we also have experience that can help you to retain it over time.

For your needs, we can provide options that help you maximize the growth in your Net Worth. There are many options available including:

Segregated Funds - We offer investment options from all of the major players in this market including Manulife Financial, Great-West Life, Canada Life, Empire Life, Transamerica, Equitable Life, and many others.

GIC’s - For the conservative investor, we can also offer Guaranteed Investments from most carriers at rates that are very competitive.

Structured Settlements - If you are expecting a settlement from an accident or other legal action, we can assist in turning it into a guaranteed lifetime tax-free income.

Land Banking - Through our suppliers, we can offer investments in land that may be appropriate for the more aggressive investor. We would be pleased to discuss details of this type of investment with appropriate investors. Please contact us for more details.

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