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Travel Insurance

Preparation for your next trip made easy...

Whether you're planning a trip, expecting visitors or visiting Canada yourself, it's wise to have the protection offered by Travel insurance. We offer a variety of plans so that you may select the coverage that best suits your unique travel insurance needs.

Travel Insurance is an area that DesLaurier Financial Services has put a lot of resources into, ever since December 1, 2011 when the Canadian Government announced a new immigration program, the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents. We have set up a new division, which deals specifically with this area of insurance.

Please visit for more information and online quotes and coverage purchase. We offer Super Visa Insurance, IEC Travel Insurance, Hospitalization and Emergency Coverage for Canadian Travellers, Expatriate Insurance, International Student Coverage, and all other Travel Insurance products from Canada's Top Travel Insurance Carriers.


If you need travel insurance in Canada, talk to the best:


There are many reasons why people travel: for business, on vacation, and to visit family members among the most common. But there are precautions one should always consider before embarking on a trip. One of these is purchasing travel health insurance in Canada.


And the best place to purchase this travel health insurance in Canada is from Canada’s most respected agency for Travel Insurance, This company offers insurance packages provided by some of the best known names in the industry. They also offer great investment counselling through their parent, DesLaurier Financial Services Inc.


Among the insurers who products are sold by are RSA Travel Insurance (formerly etfs), Group Medical Services, TIC Insurance, Travel Guard, Travel Underwriters, and Manulilfe Financial. These industry leaders offer insurance coverage to suit anyone’s needs. Customers of have come to rely on the fact that they will have a package of travel health insurance in Canada that is tailored to fit them.


While no one wants to imagine the worst when they plan a trip for business or pleasure, it always pays to be prepared. That’s where can help. We offer comprehensive travel health insurance in Canada that will protect you against any unforeseen occurrence.


If you enjoy adventure travelling, then you’ll want to consider the adventure travel health insurance in Canada offered by This will take care of emergency hospitalization should you become ill or be injured during your adventure vacation. This type of insurance is ideal for vacations that might include some potentially risky behaviour.

This might include mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, cycling, hang gliding and parasailing, scuba diving and even spelunking. No matter what of adventure you have in mind, there is travel health insurance in Canada from that will protect you from unexpected and possibly catastrophic costs.


If you have a dental emergency during your trip, your policy for travel health insurance in Canada will see that you get treatment so that your trip can continue. If you need lab tests, your policy would cover the cost. You might even qualify for an out-of-pocket expense allowance.


If you need prescription drugs during your trip or if you or a member of your family requires an ambulance trip, you can relax knowing that they cost will be covered under your plan for travel health insurance in Canada.

In extreme situations a policy holder of travel health insurance in Canada might require an air evacuation from a remote location and transport to hospital. There are policies offered by that completely cover this possibility.

Travel insurance is just one kind of insurance offered by this highly respected provider. Our parent company, DesLaurier Financial Services also sells life insurance, super visa insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance.


Be prepared for any eventuality by contacting They help you get the protection and the peace of mind that you’re looking for.


Considering Life Insurance? (Canadian residents only) Besides offering the widest selection of travel insurance in Canada at the best possible rates, is also affiliated with DesLaurier Financial Services (our parent company) which extends the same philosophy to Life Insurance and other Insurance products including Critical Illness and Disability Insurance). Please take a look at some of the excellent rates we offer here:

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