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Tax & Estate Planning

Very few of us are ever happy about the prospect of paying taxes, but at least with proper planning we can assure that the taxes we pay are the lowest permissible under the Tax Act.  With proper planning, CRA recognizes the need for, and allows us the ability to tax-efficiently plan our affairs. There are several ways that this is allowed:

Tax Efficient Accumulation - We have products that allow for the accumulation of wealth without the attraction of undue taxes.

Creditor-Proofing - Protect what you have earned through the choice of products that allow for your personal benefit in the event of lawsuit or bankruptcy.

Maximizing Retirement Income - We have strategies that allow for the accumulation of and access to monies that can very tax-effectively finance a retirement. Please contact us for assistance in this area.

The Effect of Disability - Don’t let an unplanned illness interfere with your ability to provide for yourself, your family, and your retirement.
Charitable and Other Specific Bequests - These can be made effectively and on a guaranteed basis with proper planning.
Minimizing Taxes due on Death - Take advantage of Trusts, Charitable Tax Credits, and other techniques prior to or at death to maximize the residual value of your estate.

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