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Visitors to Canada

RSA Travel Insurance Inc. formerly etfs, which was acquired in 2011 by its long-term strategic underwriting partner RSA, is one of Canada's leading providers of specialized travel and health insurance plans for individuals, groups and businesses.

Insurance Protection for Visitors to Canada

Welcome to Medi-Select Advantage™ Visitors to Canada Insurance

If you are planning to visit Canada or are waiting to be eligible for provincial health insurance, it’s important to ensure that you and your family are covered in case of illness or injury.

Comprehensive Visitors to Canada Insurance

Medi-Select Advantage™ Insurance for Visitors to Canada is specifically designed for persons coming to Canada for leisure, business or who are awaiting Canadian resident status.

Plan Features

  • You choose your policy maximum: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; or $150,000
  • Rates available for up to 365 days (180 days for applicants age 60 to 85)
  • Automatic coverage for temporary visits to other countries, excluding country of origin
  • Extensions available
  • Low deductible of $50, per insured person, per covered trip
  • $0 deductible option available
  • Family or single coverage
  • Simple application without any medical questions

Benefit Summary

  • Hospital Accommodation
  • Physician Charges
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Paramedical Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Private Duty Nurse
  • Prescriptions Drugs
  • Medical Appliances


  • Treatment of Dental Accident


  • Emergency Relief of Dental Pain


  • Emergency Air Transportation
  • Preparation and Return of Remains

Note: Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. All amounts are in Canadian currency.

In just a few easy steps, obtain a quote for Medi-Select Advantage Insurance for Visitors to Canada, and make your purchase online! You can contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-855-933-7462 for assistance.

If you have already arrived in Canada, please contact us for direct service.

View the insurance policy for details on the Eligibility Criteria, Policy Benefits, Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusions and General Exclusions.

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Administrated by: ETFS (Expert Travel Financial Security)
Underwritten by: Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada
24 hours Emergency Assistance Center: Global Excel

  - Emergency Medical maximum coverage based on your needs: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; or $150,000
  - Hospital accommodation (semi-private room) up to 60 days per sickness or injury. Includes two follow-up visits after hospitalization.
  - Physician services - up to three visits per sickness or injury.
  - Diagnostic Services: Laboratory tests and X-ray prescribed by the attending physician due to an emergency. ( MRI, CAT scans, sonograms, ultrasounds or biopsies have to be pre-approved by Global Excel)
  - Private Duty Nurse.
  - Ambulance services.
  - Prescription Drugs - up to $500 limited to one month supply.
  - Medical appliances - rental of crutches, casts, splints, canes, slings, trusses, braces, walkers and wheelchairs.
  - Professional services - up to $500 per professional service of a chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropodist or podiatrist.
  - Accidental dental of up to $3,000 in case of accident.
  - Emergency dental for relief of pain - up to $500.
  - Emergency air transportation when arranged with Global Excel.
  - Return of remains -$10,000 for preparation and transportation to the country of origin; or up to a maximum of $4,000 for cremation and/or burial at the place of death.

EXCLUSIONS: Your coverage is subject to various exclusions, which are completely set out in the Exclusions section of the policy document. The following, although not an exhaustive list, are some of these exclusions:
To be eligible for coverage under this plan:
   1. You must be a visitor to Canada, a person with a work visa, an immigrant to Canada or a Canadian resident, who is not eligible for a provincial or territorial government health insurance plan in Canada.
   2. You must be at least 15 days of age and less than 86 year of age.
   3. You must NOT be travelling against the advice of a physician and/or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
   4. You must NOT have a kidney disease requiring dialysis.
   5. You must NOT be experiencing new or  undiagnosed symptoms.
   6. This insurance may be purchased prior to your arrival in Canada or within 30 days thereof. However, if you have been in Canada for more than 30 days at the time of application, you may purchase this insurance if you meet the following conditions:
      a) you have not seen a doctor for a condition other than a minor ailment since you arrived in Canada; and
      b) you know of no reason to seek medical attention at this time.
   7. Your spouse or child(ren) must also meet all the above criteria to be eligible for coverage under this plan.
AGE AND PERIOD LIMITS: Visitors must be at least 15 days of age and less than 86 years old. Single trip plan offers rates for up to 365 days (180 days for applicants age 60 to 85).
DEDUCTIBLE: one time deductible of $50, per insured person, per covered trip. Add 5% to total premium for $0 deductible.
WAITING PERIOD for sickness:
   - 48 hour, if the policy is purchased after your arrival in Canada.
   - No waiting period for policies purchased before the arrival date.
PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: Any sickness, injury or medical condition for which your had symptoms, hospitalization, taken medication or medical procedure at any time in the 180 days prior to your effective date.

Note: Each time you extend or purchase another policy from the insurance company because you are staying in Canada longer, each new or extended policy will have a new effective date and you will NOT be covered under the new or extended policy for any sickness, disease or bodily injury for which your had symptoms, hospitalization, taken medication or medical procedure at any time in the 180 days prior to your effective date.

Once you are deemed medically stable, your emergency is considered to have ended and you are no longer eligible for coverage for recurrence or complication related to the same condition.
All benefits are limited to Reasonable and Customary cost.
Alcohol or drug abuse is not covered.
Mental, emotional or psychological disorder.
Regular care of a chronic condition or regular check ups.
Participation in any professional sports or racing and speed contest.

In the event of an emergency, you must call Global Excel immediately: 1-800-715-8833 toll-free from Canada and U.S. or 819-566-8839 collect call from anywhere. Do not assume that someone will contact Global Excel on your behalf. It remains your responsibility to ensure that Global Excel has been contacted prior to receiving treatment or as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to do so limits benefits to 80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $25,000 in the event of hospitalization, and to one outpatient consultation per sickness or injury.

You must report in writing to Global Excel within 30 days of the accident or sickness. Send a completed claim form and all original bills, invoices and receipts within 90 days from the date a claim arises. All documents have to be mailed to:
                     Global Excel Management Inc.
                                 73 Queen Street
                            Lennoxville, Quebec
                                      J1M 1J3
Telephone: 1-800336-9224 (toll-free) or 819-566-8698 (collect) during business hours.

For complains, please call our customer service at 1-800-715-8833 toll-free from Canada and U.S. or 819-566-8839 collect call from anywhere.
If you prefer to submit your complaint in writing, please send it to the attention of the Quality Assurance department at: 73 Queen Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1M 1J3. You will receive acknowledgement within 72 hours of our receiving it.
All complains, arbitration or similar proceeding against ETFS have to be filed no later than one year (two in the Northwest Territories, three years in the province of Quebec) after the date the insurance money became payable.

Full refund if requested before the effective date. A partial amount (less administration fee of $25 per insurance policy) if terminated because of your early departure to the country of origin or you become eligible for a provincial or territorial government plan, and no claim has been incurred. Request for refund must be made in writing to your insurance broker.

Available if you are in good health, no claim has been submitted and if requested before the expiry of the policy.

Temporary visit to another country (excluding your country of origin) are covered, provided you spend at least 51% of your trip duration in Canada. Your trip must start and end in Canada.

Founded in Lennoxville, Quebec in 1984 as a privately owned company specializing in group and international student insurance, in 1992 ETFS entered the individual travel insurance industry. Today the company offers several dozen group and individual products geared toward the travel and specialized health insurance industry. From its roots in 1984, ETFS has grown rapidly and continually over the years. There are currently more than 400 employees working at ETFS offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, Orlando, and the corporate headquarters continue to be located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Note: This information is for illustrative purposes only. It is not an insurance policy. Travel insurance does not cover everything. For the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions please see the policy wording online or refer to your policy booklet.


RSA Visitors Insurance Policy PDF

RSA Visitors Insurance Brochure PDF

RSA Visitors Insurance Claim Form PDF

Medi-Select Advantage Emergency Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and administrated by Expert Travel Financial Security (E.T.F.S) Inc. a member of the ETFL Financial Group.

The Royal & Sun Alliance Logo is a trademark owned by Royal & Sun Alliance Plc, licensed by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada.




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