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SOLOTM Disability Insurance

Interested in some of the best, most flexible benefits on the market, all at a reasonable price? The SOLO™ Disability Insurance line is sure to include a product that's right for you!

Are these coverages right for you?
SOLO Disability Insurance products are right for you if you want to be able to meet your obligations in the event of disability.


  1. First $1,200 of monthly benefits guaranteed for the first 36 months of disability, so they aren't reduced by benefits you receive from the government or other insurance companies
  2. Critical illness coverage that pays 5 times the monthly benefit if you're been diagnosed with one of the 25 covered illnesses
  3. RRSP benefit of 5% of the monthly benefit paid on top of your benefit as of the 13th month of benefit payment
  4. Death benefit of 5 times the monthly benefit payable to your beneficiary if you die while receiving a disability benefit
  5. Benefit paid as of the first day in the event of hospitalization or day surgery you don't need to satisfy the waiting period in these situations
SOLO's got 5 disability insurance solutions to meet your needs:
  1. SOLO Disability Income: replaces your income if you're no longer able to work because of a health problem
  2. SOLO Business Expense: helps cover your overhead in the event of an illness or accident
  3. SOLO Living Expenses: provides a monthly benefit to help you cover your everyday expenses
  4. SOLO Accident Disability Income: replaces your income if you've got to take time off work because of an accident
  5. SOLO Health: covers hospital, medical, paramedical, dental expenses, etc. that aren't covered under government plans
How can I get this insurance?
Find out more about the importance of protecting your income should you become unable to work due to an injury or illness.



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