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Personal Accident

Uo to $6,000/mo of Disability benefits for Accident or $100/day for Hospitalization
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For some occupations, it can be difficult to qualify for disability insurance. It can also be quite costly and getting coverage can be a lengthy process. And what about if you aren't working? Only 2 qualification questions are asked:

  1. Are you currently totally or partially disabled or receiving disability benefits or a disability pension?
  2. Do you have a physical impairment that limits your ability to perform your normal occupation(s) and/or engage in all of the functions of your normal routine?
Personal Accident Disability Insurance (PADI) is a portfolio of guaranteed renewable products that help you 'build' accident and sickness protection coverage best suited for your client's individual needs.

24 Hour accident coverage, benefits up to age 65, coverage to $6,000/month. No medical questions/underwriting, no smoker rates, no gender-specific rates. No uninsurable occupations, even seasonal workers ok. Past Bankrupt´┐Żs can get coverage.

Key Features of Personal Accident Disability Insurance
  1. Anyone can qualify for benefits
  2. Applying for coverage is easy-simple application, credit card payment option
  3. Guaranteed coverage options
  4. Plan Flexibility
  5. Disability Definition
  6. No proof of earnings or benefit integration on benefit amounts less than $2,000
  7. Return of Premium
  8. Guaranteed renewable coverage to age 90
  9. Built in death benefits
  10. Built-in business expense coverage

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