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FollowMe-For when you have terminated
your employer-provided coverage

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You have likely heard the advertising on television and elsewhere for Manulife's CoverMe product offering. CoverMe is their direct marketing effort for the policies know as FollowMe, Flexcare, Lifecheque Basic, and a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance product. In this section we will detail the specific product FollowMe.

FollowMe™ Health

Unlike group plans that change from employer to employer, the FollowMe Health plan is an individual insurance plan. Though perhaps slightly different from the benefits of your former group plan, FollowMe Health offers four distinct levels of coverage from which to choose. So you select the plan and benefits that suit you, your family, your budget. And, once your application is approved, the FollowMe Health plan you select remains yours', regardless of any future changes in employment, your age or retirement -- as long as your premiums are paid. That's certain to give you added peace-of-mind.

Selecting the coverage that is best for you has never been easier. Simply click on your province of residence and choose from the list of plans.

Plans FollowMe™ Health FollowMe™ Health is designed to offer uninterrupted health and dental coverage for you and your family when your employment and group benefits end. If you apply within 60 days of your loss of group health and dental benefits, you will qualify without having to complete a medical questionnaire. And with four levels of protection to choose from, you can select the plan that best meets your specific needs.
  1. Basic
  2. Enhanced
  3. Enhanced Plus
  4. Premiere

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