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Association Coverage

Membership in your Association can bring huge savings!

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Association Health and Dental plans offer 8 different plan choices with options for Dental only and Dental + Drug benefits.

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Association Health & Dental Plans

The Association Health and Dental Plan is an alternative to group insurance for members of both small and large associations, no matter whether they are single, have a young family or are nearing their retirement years.

The Association Health and Dental Plan protects your clients against routine and unexpected health care expenses by filling in the gaps left by their provincial health insurance plan.

There are four different Health and Dental plans to choose from: Base, Bronze, Silver or Gold, each offering escalating levels of coverage for both prescription drugs and dental services. In addition to these benefits,  your client will also have as part of their benefit package, Core Benefits such as:

  • vision care
  • preferred hospital accommodation
  • accidental dental
  • registered specialists and therapists
  • home care and nursing
  • hearing aids
  • accidental death and dismemberment
  • ambulance services and much more.


There are also four different Dental plans to choose from: Base Dental, Bronze Dental, Silver Dental or Gold Dental, each providing a range of coverage for dental services. These four plans do not require completion of a medical questionnaire and each includes the Base Plan Core Benefits like:
  • vision care
  • extended health care
  • home care and nursing
  • accidental dental
  • hearing aids and more.

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Provincial Health
Insurance Plan Fact Sheet    Provincial Rate  Brochure

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