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Life Insurance

Protect your family from the loss of a loved one
Many reasons exist for why you might want to consider Life Insurance as part of your overall financial planning strategy including:

        Covering Final Expenses and/or Debt
        Leaving a Legacy for your Children/Grandchildren
        Providing for Taxes due upon death
        Protecting your Estate’s Maximum Value
        Providing funds for a Charity

We offer solutions from many carriers that allow for easy online information, quotes, and even applications. Choice of which carrier is most appropriate for you depends upon several factors, primarily related to your insurability and willingness to provide medical evidence, financial information, or lifestyle information.


Considering Life Insurance? (Canadian residents only) Besides offering the widest selection of travel insurance in Canada at the best possible rates, is also affiliated with DesLaurier Financial Services (our parent company) which extends the same philosophy to Life Insurance and other Insurance products including Critical Illness and Disability Insurance). Please take a look at some of the excellent rates we offer here:

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