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IA Excellence's Term Life Insurance, a very affordable product offers coverage at a lower cost for a fixed term or period of time.

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Term Life Insurance

Why term life insurance?
Do you have short- or medium-term projects or specific commitments to honour (a mortgage loan, business commitments, children for whom you wish to provide an income)? If you�re looking to carry out your projects successfully and without financial worries, term life insurance is the answer for you.

Main features
In addition to being available for terms of 10 or 20 years, our term life insurance is, above all, renewable and convertible to whole life insurance.
  • Renewable up to age 85: Provided the policyholder pays a premium revised to reflect attained age and, in particular, without having to provide evidence of insurability at renewal, the policy may be renewed when it expires
  • Convertible up to age 71: The policy can be converted to a whole life insurance policy without evidence of insurability

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