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GMS - Group Medical Services

A wide range of products from one of Canada’s leading suppliers

TravelStar® Travel Insurance
Travel care-free with medical, trip and baggage coverage from Group Medical Services Life has a way of interrupting our best laid travel plans. When it does, you want to know you’re covered. Whether it’s a medical emergency, an unexpected trip cancellation, or lost baggage, TravelStar Travel Insurance keeps you covered.
Be sure you’re covered wherever you travel with a GMS TravelStar Travel Insurance Plan. We offer a variety of travel insurance products to help you prepare a worry-free trip.

Emergency Medical Insurance

GMS TravelStar Emergency Medical Insurance ensures you’re protected from steep out-of-province and out-of-Canada emergency medical costs. Choose from our Single Trip Daily or Multi-Trip Annual plans.

Trip and Baggage Insurance

Protect yourself from trip cancellations, interruptions and lost, damaged or stolen baggage.

All-Inclusive Coverage

Bundle our travel insurance plans together to save money on comprehensive coverage. Choose from our Single Trip Daily and Multi-Trip Annual plans.

Immigrants & Visitors to Canada

Affordable emergency medical insurance for Super Visa applicants, visitors and immigrants to Canada.


Emergency medical insurance for students studying outside their province of residence.

Canadians  Visitors

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Considering Life Insurance? (Canadian residents only) Besides offering the widest selection of travel insurance in Canada at the best possible rates, is also affiliated with DesLaurier Financial Services (our parent company) which extends the same philosophy to Life Insurance and other Insurance products including Critical Illness and Disability Insurance). Please take a look at some of the excellent rates we offer here:

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