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Health & Dental Coverage with discounts for Edge Policy Holders
Being self-employed gives you the freedom to shape your future and lifestyle. The disadvantage is not having a company paid medical plan for costly out-of-pocket expenses.

Having your own medical plan is a smart way to fill the gap between those medical expenses that occur, but are not covered by a government health plan.

You can choose to have health only or health and dental coverage

Issue ages 18 - 64, coverage to age 75

Single, Couple or Family plans available


Prescription Drugs
Pay Direct Drug Card (not available for Quebec residents)

Base Plan
Covered at 80%, Maximum $1,000 per person, per benefit year

Deluxe Plan
Covered at 90%, Maximums per person, per benefit year:
First 12 months - $1,000
Next 12 Months - $1,500
Each 12 months thereafter - $2,000

Platinum Plan
Covered at 90%, Maximums per person, per benefit year:
First 12 months - $1,000
Next 12 Months - $1,500
Each 12 months thereafter - $2,000

Please note: Benefits do not include smoking cessation products, medication for the treatment of obesity, erectile dysfunction or fertility. Serums and vitamins are also ineligible unless injected and medically necessary.

Health Services No deductible and no co-payment

Ambulance Transportation, by land or air to the nearest hospital.

Hearing Aids, $500 every 3 years.

Paramedical Services; Maximum of $400 per person, per calendar year for Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Speech Therapist, chiropractor, Osteopath, Homeopath, Podiatrist/Chiropodist, Naturopath.

Acupuncturist & Registered Massage Therapist: $20.00 per visit to a maximum of 20 visits per person per calendar year.

Medical Items including Prosthetic appliances, braces, wheelchair & hospital bed.

Base Plan - Not Covered
Deluxe Plan - $200 every 3 years
Platinum Plan - $300 every 3 years

Accidental Dental Coverage The repair or replacement of natural teeth damaged as a direct result of an accident. Payment will be made based on the current Provincial Dental Association fee guide for general practitioners, maximum $10,000 per benefit year.

Vision Care, All Plan members have access to a national preferred provider vision network arrangement, where you are eligible to receive a discount on eye wear. Details of this feature are available online at

Eye Exams
Base Plan - Not Covered
Deluxe Plan - $60 every 2 years
Platinum Plan - $60 every 2 years

Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses/ Laser Eye Surgery
Base Plan - Not covered
Deluxe Plan - Not covered
Platinum Plan - $250 every 2 years

Home Support Services charges for the services of a Registered Nurse (R.N.) or Registered Practical Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse (R.P.N./L.P.N.) in the home only on a full or part shift basis.

Base Plan - $5,000
Deluxe Plan - $7,500
Platinum Plan - $10,000

Semi-Private Hospital Accommodations (Platinum Plan Only) Reimbursement for the difference between standard ward charges and the cost of semi-private accommodations (maximum 30 days/benefit year)


can only be purchased in conjunction with Health Benefits

Basic Dental Services covered at 80%
  • Preventive services include recall examinations every 9 months; (6 months for Platinum Plan) preventive cleaning of teeth; topical application of fluoride for persons age 19 or under; pit and fissure sealants on permanent molars, for children age 15 or under; space maintainers that replace prematurely lost teeth for persons age 18 or under.
  • Periodontal scaling/cleaning the fees for periodontal treatment are based on units of time (15 minutes per unit) and/or number of teeth in a surgical site in accordance with the Fee Guide for General Practitioners.
    BASE PLAN: up to 6 units every 12 months; DELUXE and PLATINUM PLAN: up to 8 units every 12 months.
  • Diagnostic services including complete oral examinations once every 3 years; emergency and specific oral examinations once every 3 years; full series x-rays and panoramic x-rays once every 3 years; bitewing x-rays once every 9 months.
  • Basic oral surgery including extractions of teeth and/or residual roots.
$750 in the first 12 months and
$1,000 every 12 months thereafter.

$1,000 in the first 12 months,
$1,000 in the second 12 months and
$1,200 every 12 months thereafter.

Comprehensive Dental Services covered at 70% (80% for the PLATINUM PLAN ONLY)
  • Endodontic treatment including root canal therapy; removal of the pulp from the crown and root portion of the tooth; assistance of root tip closure; root resections and retrograde fillings, root amputation; emergency procedures.
  • Periodontal treatment including provisional splinting and certain periodontal appliances; displacement packing, management of infections and desensitization.
  • Standard denture services including, denture cleaning once every 9 months; denture repairs and/or tooth/teeth additions; standard relining and rebasing of dentures; denture adjustments, remount and equilibration procedures.
  • Comprehensive oral surgery including, surgical exposure, repositioning, transplantation or enucleation of teeth; removal of cysts and tumours; incision, drainage and/or exploration of soft or hard tissue.

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