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Edmonton Models and Photographers Association

Membership in EMPA brings huge savings! Special Plans and Rates are available to members, without obligation. Let the strength of our numbers help you access benefits at reasonable rates!

At the request of our membership, I have negotiated special rates on benefit plans for our members. EMPA plans offer 8 different plan choices with options for Dental only and Dental + Drug benefits. They are underwritten by Manulife Financial, one of Canada’s largest and most financially sound insurers.

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Edmonton Model and Photographer's Association Health & Dental Plans

The EMPA Health and Dental Plan is an alternative to group insurance for members of our association, no matter whether you are single, have a young family or are nearing your retirement years.

The EMPA Health and Dental Plan protects against routine and unexpected health care expenses by filling in the gaps left by their provincial health insurance plan.

There are four different Health and Dental plans to choose from: Base, Bronze, Silver or Gold, each offering escalating levels of coverage for both prescription drugs and dental services. In addition to these benefits,  you will also have as part of the benefit package, Core Benefits such as:

  • vision care
  • preferred hospital accommodation
  • accidental dental
  • registered specialists and therapists
  • home care and nursing
  • hearing aids
  • accidental death and dismemberment
  • ambulance services and much more.

There are also four different Dental plans to choose from: Base Dental, Bronze Dental, Silver Dental or Gold Dental, each providing a range of coverage for dental services. These four plans do not require completion of a medical questionnaire and each includes the Base Plan Core Benefits like:
  • vision care
  • extended health care
  • home care and nursing
  • accidental dental
  • hearing aids and more.

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Provincial Health Plans: What do I get from the Province?

Alberta Provincial Health Insurance Plan: Fact Sheet

Services Provided by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan:
Prescription Drugs

  • Premium-free coverage for seniors age 65 and over: pay 30% of the cost to a maximum of $25 per prescription.
  • Effective July 1, 2010 (Delayed): low-income seniors ($12,000 and under for singles, $24,000 and under for families) will pay $0 per prescription. A single senior with income of $12,001 to $24,000, and a senior family with income of $24,001 to $48,000 will pay 20% of each prescription or up to $15. A single senior with income of more than $24,001 and senior family with income more than $48,001 will pay 20% of each prescription or up to $15 plus a monthly premium based on their taxable income. Only prescription drugs listed in the Alberta Health and Wellness Drug Benefit list are covered.
  • Non-group coverage (under age 65): eligible residents pay 30% of the cost of prescription drugs, up to a maximum of $25 per prescription, plus a monthly premium. As of July 10, 2010 the premiums are $63.50/month for a single, and $118/month for a family.
  • The patient must pay for pre-hospital health care and transportation provided by an emergency ground ambulance service.
  • Coverage for ambulance services for seniors, through a plan administered by Alberta Blue Cross.
  • Regional health authorities cover the cost of hospital-to-hospital transfers.
Dental Benefits
  • No coverage for routine dental care.
  • Coverage for some specific dental/oral and maxillofacial surgery services performed by a dentist.
  • Eye Care Services
  • Coverage for one complete exam, one partial exam and one diagnostic procedure per year for children under 19 and seniors aged 65 and over.
  • Residents between the ages 19 and 64 who require an eye exam for a medical condition may be eligible for an exam if an optometrist deems it as an insured eye exam.
  • Coverage for standard ward rooms only.
Hearing Aids and Medical Supplies
  • Partial coverage available through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program, if eligible. Must be suffering from a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness.
Nursing and Home Care Benefits
  • Patient may be required to pay some of the costs for community-based home care services, based on assessed need.
  • Podiatrist: set benefits are payable for specific services; maximum benefit of $250 per person per year.
  • Physiotherapy: coverage available for services received is provided by the Community Rehabilitation Program administered by the Regional Health Authority.
  • No coverage for services provided by an acupuncturist, massage therapist, midwife, homeopath, chiropractor or nutritionist.
Out of Country
  • Out-of-country practitioner services are payable at the same rate an Alberta practitioner would receive.
  • Maximum amount paid for in-patient hospital care provided outside Canada is $100 per day, not including the day of discharge.
  • Maximum benefit of $50 is payable for one out-patient hospital visit per day.
This Fact Sheet is for general reference only. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Coverage details are subject to change, corrections and updates. For more information please contact Alberta Health and Wellness.
Updated: December 2010

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