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About DFS

President: Tracy DesLaurier, CHS
Age: 48
Years Experience: 20
Favorite Book: Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Favorite Quote: We judge ourselves by what we think - others judge us by what we do.
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  2012 - More bright things ahead!

It is now the end of January, 2012 and lots of great things are happening! We have a National Presence, have become a Canada Corporation, started two new divisions - and and have become licensed (or will soon be) in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario! Please see our page header for local numbers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

I am also pleased to announce that I have been named Vice President of The Edmonton Heritage Festival Association, the hosts of the Largest Multicultural Festival in North America. Please join us in Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, Alberta on August 4,5 & 6, 2012.
Speaking of Multiculturalism, we have also become very involved in a specialized form of Visitors to Canada Insurance, called Super Visa Insurance. This insurance is mandatory coverage for participants of the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents Program, announced December 1, 2011 by Jason Kenney, of the Government of Canada. We are one of the largest suppliers of this coverage in Canada.

In recognition of the foregoing two paragraphs, our new division will become a Major Sponsor of the Edmonton Heritage Festival. More details to come!

Please take a moment to look through our new sub-site that we call DFS Online Insurance Services. Here you will be able to access information, quotes, and even apply online for many types of basic insurance products including Easy Issue Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Travel Insurance, Health & Dental Insurance. Of course, if your needs are complicated, there are underwriting concerns, or complex situations, we continue to offer our full-service Brokerage Operation. These services can be easily initiated by using our contact form here.

With 20 years experience, I have worked as an independent agent, directly for Insurance Companies, for Mutual Fund Companies, as a Managing General Agent (wholesaler), and also with well-known Investment Advisors with National Stock Brokerage Firms. I have been involved at the Industry level as Past-President of Advocis (Edmonton Chapter), and have sat on many boards and committees including The Alberta Insurance Council Appeals Committee. I am also involved in many charitable and community Boards and Agencies including those listed to the left. I sit on the Gift Planning Advisory Committee for the Canadian Cancer Society, the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta, and sit at the Executive level on the Edmonton Heritage Festival and Northern Albert Brain Injury Association Boards. I am a Past-President of JCI Canada, and also JCI Edmonton. I have developed relations with Lawyers, Tax Accountants, and Head Office Specialists so that as a team, we can satisfy your needs as a Business Owner or Professional.

Our clients include large companies, small companies, doctors, dentists, lawyers, professional associations and select individuals.

It has been said that if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Don’t you deserve the benefits of our extensive experience? Come to us where we have a full tool chest awaiting you.

Please allow us the opportunity to assist you with your Employee Benefits Program, Business Succesion, Estate Planning, or any other need such as Life, Critical Illness, Disability or Long-Term Care Insurance and you can rest assured that your family and loved ones will be protected in the future.

Give us a call today - 780-669-9147.



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